Taizhou Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.is a hi-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province, with more than 20,000sqm of lands and 10,000sqm of buildings. Located in Jiangyan city in the middle of Jiangsu plain, Tiancheng enjoys good location for we are close to national highway 328, Ningyan First Grade Highway and Ningtong Expressway. Through Yanjing Expressway, we can reach Jiangyin Changjiang Bridge and connect to Huning Expressway directly. At present, Taizhou Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of fine chemicals such as dyes, pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates, with well-established infrastructure (water, power, steam and cooling system) and complete equipments.

Following market demands, we aim to get development by adopting the leading technologies. Recently, some of our products have been approved as the hi-tech products of Jiangsu province, including Trimethyl phosphite, Triethyl phosphite, mandelic acid, Cathode electrophoretic paint and so on. They were also listed into catalogue of China Spark Program and China Torch Program. Especially, Triethyl phosphite, mandelic acid and Cathode electrophoretic paint became the key new products of China successfully. We are the inventor of Trimethyl phosphite and Triethyl phosphite in the main land of China, and own the patent rights of these two inventions (No. ZL200610086054.X, ZL200610086055.4.)

Moreover, Tiancheng is also known as a manufacturer of phenolic resins, and receive a high reputation among customers for diversified types and complete specifications. The main products are 2120#, 2123#, 2124#, 2127#, 2130# and butyl etherified phenolic resins.

Any investment and cooperation are highly appreciated to help Tiancheng getting rapid development: Technology for shares and investment of equipment or capital are both welcome. We are looking forward to the visit, business, cooperation and negotiation from friends all over the world. Lets' work together for creating a bright future!

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