Taizhou Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province, with more than 20,000sqm of lands and 10,000sqm of buildings. Located in Jiangyan city in the middle of Jiangsu plain, Tiancheng enjoys good location for we are close to national highway 328, Ningyan First Grade Highway and Ningtong Expressway. Through Yanjing Expressway, we can reach Jiangyin Changjiang Bridge and connect to Huning Expressway directly. At present, Taizhou Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of fine chemicals such as dyes, pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates, with well-established infrastructure (water, power, steam and cooling system) and complete equipments.

Following market demands, we aim to get development by adopting the leading technologies. Recently, some of our..

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